Data-Driven Complexity Translators_

Complex problems require complex solutions. BuildNN makes them accessible

Taking a decision: it's complicated.

It is often necessary to adopt deep details and complex methodologies. But time and resources can be a constraint

BuildNN makes these processes accessible through Machine Learning-powered solutions. We design our tools specifically for key business processes


A simple goal 

No more projects stuck at the Pilot phase

Our Data Science Boutique covers the entire data-driven decision making supply chain to effectively drive to production projects with highly innovative content

MLaaS - Advanced Analytics & Reporting

We develop advanced techniques for Segmentation and Characterization, Time Intelligence & Forecast, Impact Analysis, Monitoring, Anomaly Detection, Pricing

Data-Driven Strategic Consultancy

We develop and deliver tailored projects to enhance the Data-driven Transformation Strategy. We work side-by-side with managers and analysts to develop ad-hoc dossiers and evaluation reports for strategic actions and initiatives

Change Management, Workshops & Coaching

We help C-levels and Managers with data-driven processes, projects and tools with  coaching and change management activities. We provide our Business Translation Workshops to align and enhance the intercommunication capabilities of IT, Data Science and Business teams 


We are IT-Business Translators

Enabling Technologies + Processes, as-a-Service

We deep dive business vertical dynamics with the objective of embedding Data Science principles in simple and user-friendly tools: we create both innovative processes and the enabling technology

We deliver information as a platform, but we can integrate with almost any pre-existing IT environment and tool. 

High-performance BuildNN's APIs are sacure by design thanks to our retention-less cloud services


Core Team


Giacomo Barone

CEO, Co-Founder

Marketing Intelligence and Data Science, Applied ML & Deep Learning

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Vincenzo Marino

Chief Commercial Officer, Co-Founder
Innovation & Corporate Strategy

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Enrico La Sala

Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder
DevOps & High Performance Microservices

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We are in Milano (MI), ITALY

email: info @

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